Choice Clinical Services is a community based therapy practice serving individuals, couples and families. Our practice is rooted in Choice Theory where we believe healing begins with the individual’s power to choose. We provide integrative services to support the individual and family in enhancing strengths, making empowering choices and allowing positive change to promote the healing process.

Our Mission

Choice Clinical Services understands that each individual brings his or her own set of needs, challenges and strengths to the therapeutic relationship. For this reason, our clinicians are trained in treating a wide range of diagnoses. You will be paired with a CCS clinician that is best suited to meet your individual needs, and assist you reaching your goals and making positive personal changes.

We believe support should be easily accessible and easy to navigate. In that vein, we strive to respond promptly, schedule quickly, and be fully present in each interaction. CCS holds itself to be a safe space where your needs are priority.

What We Offer

We offer a wide variety of services that can identify and treat many different diagnoses.

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All of our clinical staff are licensed mental health professionals. Each clinician practices from a modality that is best suited to meet the needs of the individual and/or family serviced.

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